About JB:

JB Dental Clinic was established in 2018. Here, a team of dentists led by Dr. I Chen are split into several specializations, providing treatment services for all patients. Each dentist provides patients with comprehensive and in-depth treatment with their own professionalism using attentiveness, care, and unity. They not only have dental expertise and provide independent consultation services, but are also good at teamwork and help each other deal with complex issues.


We provide professional, specialized and all-round treatment courses to protect your oral health. With professional treatment courses and service quality comparable to medical centers offered at JB, we sincerely hope that every patient can truly heal, improve, and restore their confident smiles.


Space and Equipment:
Ultrasonic dental scaler 

With the Varios 970, our state-of-the-art multi-purpose ultrasonic dental scaler, you'll enjoy a comprehensive and thorough clean that leaves no corners unattended. This professional tooth cleaning equipment is effective for deep periodontal maintenance, deep cleaning of root canals, and cleaning of implants and prostheses. Equipped with iPiezo engine technology, it can provide precise cleaning power according to the tooth surface condition. The double LED light source on the handpiece provides excellent near-shadowless illumination, greatly improving the visibility of the oral cavity during treatment, allowing you to enjoy comfort and peace of mind under the professional care of JB Dental Clinic.

3D Digital Impression

iTero digital oral scanner is a digital oral scanner specially designed for orthodontics under Invisalign ®  with built-in exclusive orthodontic result simulation

3D computed tomography X-ray machine

JB uses the Finnish Planmeca ProMax 3D computed tomography X-ray machine. This high-intelligence technology resolves the limitations of previous dental X-ray machines..

Leica Dental Surgical Microscope

The high-tech surgical microscope specially designed for dentistry by the world-renowned Leica has created the world's leading technology-air-wind observation lens tube to create a broader diagnosis..

Bright and comfortable environment and clinic

The waiting area, which is mainly made of wood and white, creates a warm and homely atmosphere, allowing you to relax while waiting for your appointment..


嘉贝牙医诊所(JB Denatal Clinic)成立于2018年,由陈懿院长带领菁英牙医师团队,导入专业分科系统,将牙科领域细分成专科门诊,由专攻该领域牙医师为病患提供疗程服务。每一位牙医师以自身专业,加上「用心、细心、齐心」为病患提供全面、深入的治疗,不仅拥有牙科专业,提供独立看诊服务外,也善于跨境医疗之团队合作,协助彼此处理复杂的口腔问题及重症,为您加倍坚持、加倍守护!




嘉贝引进数台高阶医疗设备,严选高规格数位化仪器,医疗品质优于业界一般水准,往医学中心等级看齐并迈进,为患者提供全面、详细的检查与治疗。我们相信好的医疗设备,可以协助您获得更适切的医疗服务,并且有效率地改善问题。嘉贝高阶设备包含:3D iTero数位口扫仪、莱卡牙科手术显微镜、3D电脑断层X光机等。